Precision at Work.

Safety Philosophy and Culture

hazard id wheelKS Industries, LP holds that all incidents are preventable.  We believe it is our responsibility, as a company, to create the culture and processes to achieve Incident Free Operations.

  • Workplace culture
  • Management systems and processes
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental programs

KS Industries recognizes that we must own, participate in, and be responsible for safety processes.  The journey to Operations Excellence never truly ends, even when the goal of Incident-Free Operations is achieved.  We understand that the entire corporation, from ownership to field operations, is responsible and accountable for the safety of our employees.

To achieve a World-Class Safety Culture, KS Industries’ mission is to move from a “transactional”, or process a driven safety management system, to a “transformational”, or beliefs and values driven safety process.  The transformation starts with the leaders at all levels.  Leaders must be visible, actively participate, be aligned, and lead with values, insight, and purpose.  To that extent, KS Industries has developed industry-leading training and operational processes to move towards a value-driven safety culture.

KS Industries utilizes a continually-evolving “evergreen” management system and process that ensures all employees have a clear understanding of what each individual is responsible for.   By tracking and measuring our Safety and Operations progress, we ensure everyone is held accountable for their actions.

KS Industries is in full compliance with all Federal and State safety regulations.  We believe all employees and the environment take priority; our operations and safety programs and procedures are designed to meet or exceed required regulations.

iso_hazardSafety Tenets:

  • Do it safely, or not at all
  • Hold yourself accountable for the safety of your co-workers
  • Ensure safety devices are in place and functioning
  • Operate in a safe and controlled condition
  • Accept the responsibility of performing work safely
  • Follow safe work practices and procedures
  • Involve the right people in the decisions that affect people, procedures, and equipment
  • Embrace safety as a value that is quiet, transparent, integrated, and equal

Safety Process Tools & Programs

KS Industries holds all senior leadership and supervisors accountable for a healthy Safety Culture.  The proper culture is continually being driven to the lowest work levels, with all individuals being treated fairly and equally.  To support this goal, several different measuring tools and processes are utilized to track their effectiveness.

Behavioral-Based Employee Safety Team (B-BEST)

KSI uses a customized version of Behavioral Safety Technology’s behavioral-based safety observation program company-wide.  A full-time Corporate Facilitator owns and monitors the process, along with dedicated Area Facilitators to ensure the success and sustainability of the process.  The observation data is used alongside Near Hit and incident data to create predictive tools, and process health is measured at each location using a Six Sigma approach.

Internal Safety & Environmental Audits (ISEA)

KSI uses the Internal Safety & Environmental Audit process to assure safety compliance.  We measure specific components of internal policies, plans, procedures, and external regulations against a set of documented protocols.  All levels of field supervision are responsible for auditing and assisting with identifying areas of opportunity among our workforce.

Picture Process Maps/Standard Operating Procedures (PPM/SOP)

KSI uses the licensed Picture Process Maps system, developed by Talsico LLC, to create visual Standard Operating Procedures.  These are not normal SOPs; these are specifically designed to maximize learning through visual and textual guidance, rather than verbal comprehension.  SOP memory guidelines are used to ensure optimal recall during work.  All levels of field supervision are responsible for auditing use of these SOPs in a manner similar to ISEA, and will assist in identifying areas of opportunity among our workforce.

Advanced Safety Audits (ASA)

The technique of Advanced Safety Auditing is a management tool, providing managers and supervisors with a systematic approach to improving safety-related behaviors in the workplace.  Advanced Safety Auditing focuses entirely on people, instead of processes.

Validation & Verification (V&V)

KSI uses the Validation & Verification process to identify gaps in training, process knowledge, and safety policies and procedures among our workforce.

Motor Vehicle Safety (MVS)

KSI uses the Motor Vehicle Safety process, developed by Chevron Corporation, to provide guidelines for the safe operation of motorized vehicles in operation by our workforce.  Motor vehicle incidents are the leading  source of workplace fatalities in the United States, and can also result in damage to property, degradation of the environment, and disturbances to processes.  We utilize the Smith System Driving program to educate our workforce on safe driving habits and practices, and have established training and auditing programs & frequencies for different categories of equipment. This allows us to provide our equipment operators with the most up-to-date defensive driving techniques and safe operation education.

Job Safety Analysis/Detailed Daily Work Plan (JSA/DDWP)

All employees, prior to performing work, are required to produce a Job Safety Analysis/Detailed Daily Work Plan.  JSA/DDWPs provide the opportunity for each employee to plan, discuss, and identify the hazards associated with each work task.  Hazard mitigation is then used to remove the potential hazards.

Measurement, Measurement, and Measurement

KSI believes the key to success of the above processes is measurement.  We hold that if you are not measuring your processes, and you are not tracking their progress, then you are not effectively managing your work.  Without measures, the process will not sustain or improve.  All of the above processes have Key Performance Indicators, which directly link to the KSI Operations Excellence Mission and Vision, and are shared with all employees.


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