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The following list of training is provided by KSI for regulatory requirements as well as employee growth opportunities.

Safety and Regulatory Training

Passport (California Oil Producers ) Orientation

  • This training is required by the California Oil Producers and covers Cal OSHA regulatory safety requirements, oilfield procedures, and hazards.

Safety in Motion (Ergonomics Training)

  • KSI employees are trained in proper lifting techniques as well as the relationship between man and machine.

CPR / Bloodborn Pathogen Training

Competent Person Training is offered for;

  • Excavation and Trenching
  • Scaffold Erection
  • Confined Space Entrant
  • Confined Space Attendant
  • Confined Space Rescue

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) Certification and Hands-on Training

  • OSHA regulations require certification for operating a crane above 7.5 tons. KSI offers cutting-edge training in the safe operation of cranes, as well as classroom and hands-on practice to prepare for the certification process.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training for Supervisors

  • The ability to detect possible drug and alcohol abuse among workers is a critical component of a safe work place. All KSI supervisors are trained annually, using the most current techniques to spot abuse and remove this problem from the worksite.

Supervisor Safety and Leadership Training

  • This 8-hour course provides KSI Supervisors with the tools they need to be successful leaders. The course covers: introduction to safety, basic safety definitions, communications and human relations, safety training and safety meetings, pre-job safety planning, job safety analysis, record keeping, specifications, audits, and observations.


  • KSI is an Accredited Training Sponsor with The National Center for Construction Education and Research. NCCER is a not-for-profit education foundation created to develop industry-driven, standardized craft training programs. We have three certified Master Trainers and seven Craft Instructors currently involved in training courses. Our courses include Project Management, Safety Management, Project Supervision, and various phases of Construction and Maintenance craft training.

Process Improvement and Employee Opportunity Training

KSI Boot Camp

  • This week-long training takes people who are new to our business and gives them the basic skills to be successful at KSI. The training covers KSI values and beliefs, proper tool usage, and safety in the workplace. The trainees get hands-on instruction from highly trained and skilled KSI employees.

(Behavioral Based Safety) Training

  • Observer training
  • Coaches training
  • Steering team training – ABC analysis
  • Facilitator Training

Team Lead Training

  • In order to prepare the next generation of leaders, KSI offers a variety of effective leadership training.

OSHA 10-Hour Training

  • The OSHA Outreach Training Program is OSHA’s primary way to train workers in the basics of occupational safety and health. The OSHA 10-Hour Outreach Programs were developed by OSHA for training and introducing employees to the basic practices of identifying, reducing, eliminating, and reporting hazards associated with their work.


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